Monday, 29 April 2013

Oh and here is the banner!

This weekend I am taking part in an exciting Bank Holiday Blog Hop which involves lots of other really good bloggers, each of whom are giving a prize to those who enter their contests. It wont be difficult to enter, just follow the links to each blog and do what's asked. The theme of the blog hop is Heroes and Villains and everyone will be writing up a great blog post about their ideas about what this subject means to them so not only will you have the chance to win books and other prizes, but you'll be able to read all the great stuff people have written about their hero or their villain. Mine is basically about my character Wulfhere from Sons of the Wolf. but I won't say any more because I don't want to spoil it for you. See you next week peeps. Below is a list of people participating!

Niki Blatchley, Martin Bolton, Debra Brown, Adran Chamberlain, Mike Cooley, Karin Cox, Joanna Fay, Peter B Forster, Ron Fritsch, Mai Griffin, Joanne Hall, Jolea M Harrison, Sue Tinney Heath, Eleni Konstantine, Kyle Lewis, Liz Long, Peter Lukes, Mark McClelland, Edward M McNally, Sue Millard, Leilani Miller, Ginger Myrick, David Pilling, E M Powell, Kim Rendfeld, Terry L Smith, Tara West, Keith Yatsuhashi

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