Sunday, 19 June 2011

Comments please?

Thought I would post a short thankyou to everyone for reading my blog. Over the  last few weeks stats have increased on average by at least 600 views per week. Thats incredible and I am so pleased people are interested in my blog. I would, however love to have some feedback and get very little in the way of comments. I would be so grateful if people would be kind enough to take the time and comment on my posts as it would help me to find out what works and what doesn't. Now I am sure I have opened myself up for all sorts, but I will be prepared!

Currently, the subject of my blog, my first novel Sons of the Wolf, which is the first in a quadroligy of stories about pre and post Norman Conquest of England, is being edited and hopefull will be published by Silverwoods books soon.

Thanks to all of you again. I look forward to reading some comments soon!


Janine Smith said...


I'm posting a comment to see if there's any trouble posting! :o)I look forward to reading Sons of the Wolf!

Jumbilly Downs said...

I have had no trouble viewing and ABSOLUTELY LOVING what you have posted so far. The attention to historical detail is excellent and reminiscent of Bernard Cornwell's work (not his American Civil books which I found too detailed). I for one will be purchasing the book when it is released.