Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Welcome to my Blog

Hi there thanks for dropping by. I am Paula Wilcox and I write using my maiden name of Lofting. I also go by Lofting-Wilcox on Facebook. Welcome to my blog Sons of the Wolf. Sons, as I fondly call it, is a fictional novel set in 11thc England and is one of a planned trilogy about the fortunes of a king’s thegn’s family in the lead up to the conquest of William of Normandy. So far it is in the pre-edit stage and coming along nicely. It is a novel that has taken me 5 years + to complete in its present stage. Its fiction, but has many historical characters that are woven into the story and facts blend nicely within the setting. Wulfhere, my thegn was a true character, a man of the Doomsday book owning the land that is present day Little Horsted in East Sussex. His character, appearance and the members of his family are all my invention because all we have of him in history is his name and his landholding.  As for the other historical characters, I have done my best to research them and the events of the time as accurately as I can and have some knowledge of how they live through my participation of a re-enactment society of whom I am a proud member, Regia Anglorum.
On here you will find lots of interesting facts about the history of the time I am writing about and character biogs. I update as often as I can when I am not busy working at my day job. My brother recently said to me that you find a job and then you pursue your career. I try to live that way at the moment! Please feel free to leave comments on my posts. Constructive criticism is always welcome and thoroughly desired! Also I am open to any ideas on relevant topics that you might want me to write about.

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