Thursday, 20 January 2011

My Inspiriation

 The idea for a novel had always been there since I first read Dawn Wind by Rosemary Sutlcliffe as a kid. She was the first author to inspire my interest in historical fiction. Later, it was Jean Plaidy and the books for young people by Leon Garfield set in the 18thc caught my attention too. Somewhere during my teens I chanced upon some novels that would re-kindle my interest in the Anglo Saxon/ Viking period,the story of the Godwinsons and Harold's rise to power by Hope Muntz and Avalon by Anya Seyton. Further on, Mary Stewart's Arthurian series sparked an interest in the post Roman era and Michael wood was also a great inspiration. On from that I found Sharon Kay Penman, the first book that really left an impression upon me was The Sunne in Spleandour and after that, I could not get enough of Richard Plantaganet, a much maligned sovereign. Sharon's books have kept my interest on and off ever since, as have Elizabeth Chadwick and Helen Hollick. I am now also a great fan of Bernard Cornwell, especially his Uhtred of Bebbanburgh series.

My dream of writing a novel had been kept at bay by the paths I took on the journey that is life. Over the years I have learned that everything happens when it is supposed to happen; everything is, at every moment in time, as it should be and I hope that this is now the time I can realise my dream.


Clement of the Glen said...

I hope you succeed in fulfilling your dream, Paula!I look forward to reading your novel.

Judith Arnopp said...

We do have a lot in common. Richard has always been my main man too, Paula. i've a portrait of him hanging in my study that has followed me around for 35 years :)

paulalofting said...

Thanks Clement, you too I hope will finish that novel! Judith, we obviously do have much in common, apart from Richard the third we also have a love of pre-conquest and early post conquest times!I am looking forward to your Forest Dwellers!